Reaching Out

Your Time is up and You Are Standing Before the Lord

Fast forward in time – your time has come to pass from this earth. It may come tomorrow, or perhaps later, but it will come. You are standing before the Lord, and Satan, the Accuser, shows the Lord your many sins throughout your life, and asks for your soul.
Before the Lord passes judgement, He asks you to explain why you lived such a sinful life, why you didn’t witness to the many people He sent across your path, and why you didn’t show His Presence in your life. Which of the following responses do you think would satisfy the Lord?
___a) I had a rough upbringing,
___b) I lost my parents when I was young,
___c) My child died when she was 5,
___d) I was totally broke; what else could I do?
___e) Life was boring; I just wanted a little excitement,
___f) The woman you gave to be with me, she gave me fruit of
the tree, and I ate,
___g) My spouse deserted me, I lost my job, and my dog died,
___h) My car broke down on the way to church,
___i) The sermons were boring and I always fell asleep,
___j) I was busy and couldn’t take your call,
___k) No one ever told me about You,
___l) Someone told me about You, but I just couldn’t believe it,
___m) I didn’t know You cared,
___n) I was going to repent and come to you later, but just ran out of
___o) I assumed they were already believers, so I didn’t think we
needed to talk about You,
___p) I was afraid they would reject me if I told them about You,
___q) All of the above,
___r) None of the above. I have no excuse; please forgive me Lord.
How do you think the Lord will respond when you give excuses for your sinful life? Is there ever ANY valid excuse for sin, for walking in the flesh? We need to be quick to repent and draw close to the Lord, for our days are numbered.
Board of Evangelism