Reaching Out

Witnessing to People the Lord Brings Across Our Path

I am a little hesitant to share these stories, lest you think I am boasting. Just to be clear, I am the chief of sinners, saved by Christ. I believe the Holy Spirit nudges us to witness to particular individuals He brings across our path. Here are a few of my experiences:

* Talking on the phone with Teresa, a Bank OZK customer service representative recently, she asked if there was anything else she could do for me. So I shared Psalm 37:4 with her, and she shared her favorite passage back with me – James 3:2.
* I was talking on the phone with Karla, the nurse of my doctor at UAMS, and as our conversation came to a close, shared Psalm 37:4 with her. Before I could finish the verse, she finished it for me, and told me that it was the verse that turned her life around.
Last week I shared The Greatest Danger (TGD) with you. You can find it here: Here are a few experiences with that quote. I:

* gave one to the service man at the Honda dealer, and he got all excited and said he would use it this coming Sunday in the Sunday School class he is teaching.
* shared TGD with an air conditioning service man who came to our house, and he told me he still had the one I gave him a year ago. So I told him to give this one to someone else.
* shared TGD with the receptionist at my eye doctor’s, and she showed me the one that I gave to her a year ago, taped onto her desk.
* left one with a tip for the waitress at a Ft. Smith restaurant a few months ago, and she chased me down in the parking lot to thank me. Has this ever happened to you?
The Lord is calling each of us to witness to those He brings across our path. Will you take the call?
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