Reaching Out

The Most Tragic Love Story in the History of the World

Their courtship began early in her life, as she became of age. He was always encouraging and loving her, and her heart leaped with joy whenever they were together. There was an unstated feeling and hope that they would be together forever.
When she went to college, they drifted apart as she became exposed to the world, its exotic religions, philosophies, and lifestyles. He sent his emissary to tell her he loved her, but she was enjoying life’s pleasures too much to respond in kind. She embraced the post-modern view that all claims to truth – reason, science, and religion, are merely expressions of a particular culture in time. So she didn’t have any time for him. She vowed to live life to the fullest, and cast aside all traditional roles and moral constraints that might hinder her grand adventure.
Who were these two people who loved each other at the beginning, but drifted apart? They are Jesus Christ (who sent His emissary the Holy Spirit), and you, or me, or a loved one, or anyone who rejects the truth of Christ and embraces the world, the flesh, and the devil.

Here is the rest of the story: she did not realize that closing the door to Christ opens the door to Satan and his minions. Satan even exploited her strengths:

* Her intelligence fostered pride and intellectual rebellion, attracting her to eastern religions. She dabbled in seances and calling up spirits of the dead, not realizing that they were really demons sent by the Father of Lies.

* She was attractive, so Satan sent charming men who would flatter her as they lusted for her body.

Her desire for total freedom led to shallow relationships with no commitments or responsibilities. She didn’t realize that it is through serving others we fulfill life’s purpose and destiny. Her many experiences with her career, food, alcohol, drugs, and sex did not fulfill her loneliness and despair.

Throughout her short life, her first love continued to pursue her, continuing to send his emissary to tell her of his love for her. But she rejected his entreaties, catering to the spirit of rebellion that had come to reside in her.

She died in an auto accident as she was driving home late at night from a party with friends. In one instant, her life was over and she found herself standing before Jesus Christ, her first love. Her life of rebellion flashed before her eyes, bringing heart-wrenching guilt and despair. When she realized the enormity of her situation, that she was facing an eternity of suffering and separation, she begged for forgiveness. With a broken heart, Christ responded with a soft voice: “It is too late. You have stepped into eternity, where you will pay the price for your dissolute and irresponsible life. ‘Depart from Me, you who practice lawlessness!’” Matthew 7:23

The lesson for all of us is to draw close to the Lord, to receive the give of salvation from His Son Jesus Christ, to live a life of peace and joy, and to share this with others. For time is short, eternity is forever, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

To God be the glory