Reaching Out

The Miracle of Dunkirk

On May 26, 1940, Operation Dynamo began – the evacuation of thousands of Allied soldiers from the beaches of Dunkirk, France to rescue them from the massive German forces surrounding them. When Prime Minister Churchill called for small vessels to assist the Royal Navy, 850 “Little Ships” responded, including fishing boats, lifeboats, pleasure cruisers, ferries, tugs, and barges.
The British estimated that only 45,000 troops could be evacuated, but in 9 days they evacuated over 338,000 soldiers. This rescue was heralded by Winston Churchill as “a miracle of deliverance”.
There is a parallel to our nation today, as we are besieged by an encroaching secular culture that seeks to steal our faith, kill our bodies, and destroy our souls.

* Our nation legalized gay marriage and celebrates homosexuality in government, mainstream and social media, our military, major corporations, Hollywood, and educational institutions.
* June is designated Gay Pride Month, a double abomination to the Lord – homosexuality and pride.
* 98 U.S. embassies recognize and celebrate Gay Pride Month.
* 62% of American adults favor same-sex marriage.
* A recent survey revealed an astonishing 16% of Gen Z Americans identify as LGBT, compared with 2% of boomers.
* We have killed over 65 million unborn babies, promote abortion to other countries, and embrace transsexuality and transhumanism, all abominations to our Lord.
* Over half of church attenders look at internet pornography.
* Church attendance has dropped from 70% of our population in 1960 to 20% now. 28% of those who were regular church attendees (pre-COVID) have not attended in person or watched an online service even once since the outbreak.
* 37% of millennials have no religious faith at all.
And yet the need is great. 70% of all Americans are angry every day, 31% report they’re “really angry” every day, and half of our population is angrier than they have ever been.

Just as Prime Minister Winston Churchill called all the private owners of “Little Ships” to rescue the soldiers trapped at Dunkirk, we are called by our Lord to reach out with the love and truth of Christ to rescue lost souls – friends, family, acquaintances – from a culture that opposes God and sends people on the broad path to the Lake of Fire. That is why we are here. Be bold. Be strong. Be courageous and walk with the Lord.