Reaching Out

Take the Short Prayer Quiz

Prayer is (you may check more than one):
___a) Asking for stuff, so the more we pray, the more stuff we get.
___b) A waste of time – God is too busy with other people to hear little
ol’ me.
___c) Only necessary when we are really in trouble and need help.
___d) The way to become healthy, wealthy, and wise.
___e) Not necessary – why pray when we can just worry?
___f) Proven to work and you can pray to anyone – the God of the
Bible, Mary Mother of God, Allah, Buddha, or the Hindu goddess Shiva.
___g) Vastly overrated – it rarely works, and even then, how do you
know something was not just a coincidence?
___h) Vastly underrated – most of us don’t take it seriously.
___i) An ongoing conversation and communion with the Lord
regarding our concerns and His will. That’s what “pray without ceasing” means. (I Thessalonians 5:17)
___j) Necessary for us to be in tune with the Lord as we witness to
persons the Lord brings across our path. “Do not worry about the words to say…”
The World, the Flesh, and the Devil say: a-g
The Word of God says: h-i
Here is a good way to see prayer and its purpose in our lives (from Catherine Martin, Run Before the Wind)
P – Prepare your heart to meet God,
R – Read and study God’s Word,
A – Adore God in prayer,
Y – Yield yourself to God,
E – Enjoy His presence, and
R – Rest in His love.
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