Reaching Out

Our Child is Lost

SCENE #1: Several years ago, we visited a large church to attend Sunday morning worship service. They seemed to be well organized, and even had child care set up in the large building, which we took advantage for our three-year-old daughter. When the service was over, we went to pick up our daughter, and THEY COULD NOT FIND HER. For a few minutes we were in shock with the realization that OUR CHILD IS LOST.

Fear raced through our hearts as we imagined some unscrupulous criminal snatching a child – our child – from a church nursery, of all places. Then they found her; she was in another room in this large complex, and we were relieved to have our child back with us, safe and sound.

SCENE #2: Our daughter just crossed the stage at her university graduation ceremony, and we were to meet her at the reception following the ceremony. We waited patiently, and waited patiently, and waited patiently, and began to worry. What had happened to our daughter? The thought crossed our minds – OUR CHILD IS LOST. Finally, after waiting over 20 minutes, she showed up. It was a large reception, and she was in another section, also waiting and WORRYING ABOUT LOSING US.

SCENE #3 – A Glimpse into the Future: Much time has gone by, and the time has finally come for you to pass through the veil of death and step into eternity. As you walk through the pearly gates, you receive a warm welcome from family and friends who have gone before you, and especially by the radiant Jesus Christ, who declares: “Welcome good and faithful servant.” Your spouse who came before you embraces you tightly and you are experiencing joy you never could have imagined.

But when you ask your spouse about your child who died in a car accident, he/she replies with sadness: “OUR CHILD IS LOST.” Although the Word says there is no sorrow or sadness in heaven, we can imagine a deep and sharp pain penetrating your heart for a moment as you realize YOUR CHILD IS LOST – FOREVER.

What you did not anticipate was that Christ was right there with you, and you could tell that He too experienced a deep and sharp pain in His heart as He knew that He too had lost a loved one – your loved one – to the Lake of Fire. So He too, with the Father and the Holy Spirit, said with great sorrow “OUR CHILD IS LOST”.

This could apply to your child, your spouse or other loved one, or a friend. And it will happen to many Christians when we reach our eternal home, only to discover that our loved one did not make it; THEY WERE LOST – FOREVER.

WHAT CAN WE DO when we know our loved one does not know the Lord?

· The most important thing we can do is to draw close to our Lord, seeking His forgiveness, grace, love, and guidance. If we don’t spend time with our Lord in His Word and prayer (where our minds become transformed), we will have nothing supernatural to share with those we love and others our Lord brings across our path. We will be like a dry well that has no living water to share with others.

· PRAY, PRAY, PRAY, and PRAY SOME MORE. Ask our Lord how we are to relate to our loved ones, for He knows them better than we ever will and knows what they need to continue on their spiritual journey. “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man [or woman] avails much.” James 5:16

· He will even give us the words to say: “Do not worry beforehand about what to say. Just say whatever is given you at the time, for it is not you speaking, but the Holy Spirit.” Mark 13:11

· As the Holy Spirit leads you, engage them in spiritual conversations, sharing the love and truth of Christ, the truth that can set us free. And love them like God loves them – with agape (unconditional) love, for He loves each of us more than we can imagine. Make your love – the love of God flowing through you, so compelling they will be drawn to our Lord, the source of life, truth, meaning, and purpose.

So let us go forth with the truth and love of Christ to reach those around us and all whom our Lord brings across our path, for time is short, eternity is forever, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.
To God be the glory