Reaching Out

One Tamale Away from Eternity – the Rest of the Story

The last story focused on a fellow who almost choked to death on a tamale at a dog race track in Mexico. It could easily have been his last day on earth – he was one tamale away from eternity.
A few years ago, I told that story to an antique dealer in North Little Rock, who was not a strong believer, if at all. When we stopped by the next day to pick up a piece of furniture we had purchased, I asked him if he thought more about the tamale story. He said: “Absolutely, and I took action. I went home and threw all the tamales out of my refrigerator.”
Although I think he was just messing with me, he also didn’t seem to take message seriously. And it is a serious message, for we are not guaranteed tomorrow. I just received word that a long-time friend of mine named Charlie just died from an automobile accident.
Two days ago Charlie got up in the morning and started to do the tasks he planned for the day. I am sure he did not realize that he would not accomplish all of them, for it was his last day on earth. He had a divine appointment to meet the Lord, to step into eternity. We will all miss Charlie and his servant’s heart, but know the angels in heaven rejoiced when he arrived. I look forward to a joyous reunion with him in the future.
Let us go forth and share the truth and love of Christ with all those who come across our path, for today might be their last day on earth (or ours).
To God be the Glory