Reaching Out

No Sun, No Vegetables; No Son, No Fruit

Earlier this year I decided to plant a small garden. We live in the woods, so at best the garden gets partial sun. I discovered that sunlight is absolutely crucial for vegetable plants. Tomato and potato plants even get tall and skinny as they reach for the sky for the solar energy they desperately need.
Another discovery was that plants can look healthy, and a few days later be crowded by weeds, attacked by pests, and infected by diseases. So they need constant care to protect the young seedlings so they can grow and mature.
In like manner, if we do not get enough SON LIGHT – the light of Christ – in our lives, we will bear little fruit – spiritual fruit. We will grow tall and spindly, starving for the spiritual energy that comes from our Lord. We live in a fallen world, bombarded every day by trials and temptations from the world, our flesh, and the devil, trying to get us off the narrow path of life in the Spirit and on to the broad boulevard that takes us to the Lake of Fire.
So the time we spend with the Lord every morning in his Word and prayer is critical, for that is when we receive the light of Christ and the renewing of our minds. It is when our spiritual batteries get charged, our mission and purpose get renewed, and we are ready to go forth into the world and bear spiritual fruit for the Lord. And this cannot be a one-time-a-week experience, for the worldly weeds, fleshly diseases, and demonic pests are after us every day.
Furthermore this is a serious matter, with eternal consequences: “Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.” Matthew 7:19
You are not bearing spiritual fruit? You need to spend more time with the SON. So let us go forth boldly to witness the love and truth of Christ to others – to bear spiritual fruit for His Kingdom, for that is why we are here – at this time, at this place, to His glory.
To God be the glory Board of Evangelism