Reaching Out

Let’s Have Breakfast With Jesus

John 21 states that the risen Christ appeared to seven of His disciples at the Sea of Galilee, filled their nets with fish, served breakfast of bread and grilled fish, interacted with Simon Peter, and showed that He had overcome death itself.

What do you think it would be like to have breakfast with Jesus? Would you be excited? Fearful? Thrilled? What would you ask Him? What do you think He would ask you?

Observations and parallels to today:

* To get their attention, Jesus filled their nets with fish. When we meet with Jesus in His Word, do we realize we are interacting with a God who effortlessly performs miracles?
* The apostles didn’t initially recognize Jesus. Do we see the hand of the Lord in our lives, or do we ascribe amazing things, surprise encounters, and fresh spiritual insights as mere coincidences (stuff just happens)?
* When Simon Peter recognized the Lord, he was so excited, he jumped into the sea and headed for shore. When we approach the Lord in His Word, worship, sacraments, or prayer, do we do so with great excitement, or merely out of a sense of duty?
* If anyone should be hesitant to meet the Lord, it would be Simon Peter, who DENIED CHRIST THREE TIMES when He was arrested. But he met Jesus with enthusiasm, and Jesus forgave him when He told him “Feed My sheep.” Do we realize there are no sins that can keep us from the Lord if we will repent and come to Him in humility?
* Jesus fed their bodies as well as their souls. Do we make sure that both our bodies and our souls are fed every day? And that of our families?
In summary, if we don’t spend time with Jesus in the morning, we probably won’t spend time with Him during the day. Are we too busy to have breakfast with Jesus? (If Satan can’t make us bad, he will keep us BUSY.) And if don’t spend time with the Lord, to be restored to His fellowship and receive a fresh dose of spiritual energy and anointing, we will be vulnerable in spiritual battles during the day and have nothing transcendent to share with others who come across our path.

To God be the glory
Board of Evangelism