Reaching Out

I Thought You Were My Friend

Here is a letter that just came for you:
Dear _________
I remember with fondness the great times we had together, how we used to go places and see new things. Every day was a great adventure, just waiting for us to experience. I remember the crazy people we hung around with, the float trips on the river, and late-night discussions over a cold beer.
Do you remember the time you almost missed your plane in St. Louis? We ran through the airport with your luggage (before TSA), made it to the gate just as they were closing it. They opened it for you, you disappeared into the plane, and the plane took off. Just another exciting adventure in our list of memorable experiences.
But things have changed now. As you know, I ran out of time. I passed through the veil of death into eternity, and am now standing before the sovereign, living God of the universe, who has asked me to give an account for my life in light of eternal truths. I stammer with deep shame and guilt as my life is portrayed before me as on a big screen, like a movie on fast forward speed. I see a life focused on self and using people and resources to elevate myself over others.
He asked me how I reached out to the poor, the sick, the elderly, and those in prison, knowing that I failed to do so. He asked me how I touched the lives of those around me for eternity, knowing my relationships were only temporal. Most importantly, He asked me if I know His son, Jesus Christ, who came and died for my sins, knowing that I just knew about Him, as one would know about a movie star or famous politician. Then the words came that still burn in my soul: “Depart from Me, for I never knew you.”
As I am now on the fast train to the Lake of Fire, I cry out to you. Why didn’t you tell me about Jesus? You were always going to church, but you never really talked to me about what it is like to be a child of God, saved for eternity, devoted to Christ, and led by the Spirit. I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND.
Signed: ___________________
Time is short. Eternity is forever, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow. So let us go forth and share the love and truth of Jesus with all the Lord brings across our path.
To God be the glory
Board of Evangelism