Reaching Out

I Met a Guy at a Tire Shop

Most of us struggle with how to witness to others, as it seems like an imposition upon them, it often seems awkward, and we fear rejection of our message and ourselves. But it can become a natural part of our conversation with others if we sincerely care for them and their souls, and seek to enter into their world, to see the world as they do.
Several years ago, as I was waiting to have new tires installed on my car, I struck up a conversation with another fellow sitting in the waiting room. We visited about how long it was taking, and I asked him where was he from originally. His name was Said, and replied “Saudi Arabia”. So I asked him how long he had been here, and about his family. After each question of him, I shared some of my own background.
I asked if he still had family in Saudi Arabia, and if he planned to return. I then asked what was his religious background, and secondly, if he is still involved in that religion. I was curious to learn more about Said’s Islamic beliefs, and this led to my sharing about Jesus Christ.
This discussion led to a friendship in which Said invited my wife and I to his home to meet his family and for dinner, and vice versa. Said and his family have probably returned to Saudi Arabia. I don’t know if he is still a Muslim, but some seeds have been planted, and he now knows about Jesus.
In summary, I have learned that it is critical to spend time with the Lord each day to charge our spiritual batteries (preferably to start the day), to realize that the Lord wants us to impart some spiritual insight or gift to those He brings across our path, to be sincerely interested in the persons we encounter and their lives, and that we are not to worry about what we are to say but flow with the Holy Spirit.