Reaching Out

Hold my Beer and Watch This

We have all heard the hilarious stories that start with the statement: “Hold my beer and watch this”. Here are three scenarios that elaborate on that theme:
Scenario #1: A young guy in the country (I was once a young guy in the country) tells his buddies “Hold my beer and watch this”, then proceeds to drive his brand-new cherry-red 4-wheel drive pick-up across a shallow river, and in the process hits the only hole in 100 miles, totally flooding his truck and almost drowning himself. Sound familiar?
Scenario #2: God the Father tells Jesus: “The sin on earth has reached a grievous, unacceptable level, and too many people are being lost. It is time for You to go.” Jesus responds: “I am ready. Hold My crown and watch this”, as He hands His crown and heavenly robe to an angel and departs for His appointment with Mary to begin his sojourn on earth to save us from our sins.
Scenario #3: Backpacking with a long-time friend who does not know the Lord, you are having a discussion about politics, challenges in your lives, and what happens when you die. You tell him: “Hold my back pack and watch this”, as you pull out your New Testament and show him what God says about all of these issues.
The question is – will you do it? Will you take this opportunity to witness to your friend about the love and truth of Jesus, or will you let it pass by because you don’t want to hurt his feelings or him to look down on you? This just might be a divine appointment, and you and I were called for this very purpose. Be bold, be strong, and walk with the Lord, for time is short and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.
To God be the Glory
Board of Evangelism