Reaching Out

Handel’s Messiah and Being in Tune With the Lord

Many years ago, I had the privilege of participating in a 600-person choir at my alma mater that sang Handel’s Messiah at Christmas, an extraordinary experience. There is something incredible about an orchestra and choir singing Handel’s Messiah because it glorifies God with such magnificence and splendor. The musicians played different parts, but were in harmony, led by the conductor.
Let’s look at this more closely:

* All students in the student body were invited to come and participate in the choir, but most did not. Perhaps they didn’t feel they had the talent, or were too busy to attend practices and the concert.
* With 600 singers, inevitably a few were singing off tune.
* Many came just to watch the performance. Most did not, perhaps preferring a movie or party.
* Christian music critics likely praised the performance as magnificent and compelling. Non-Christian music critics may have criticized the music because it does not meet their worldly standards (and embody diversity, inclusion, and equity – DIE).
There is a parallel with the Body of Christ, as each of us has different gifts and talents, and together we can do amazing things in carrying out the Lord’s work. But our lives must be in tune with the Lord and led by the Holy Spirit to do so.
Just like the orchestra and choir:

* All people are invited to receive Christ as their Savior, but most do not (they are on the broad path). Perhaps they didn’t feel they are righteous enough, or are have other priorities.
* Just as in the large choir, inevitably some are not in tune with the conductor – the Holy Spirit.
* Many just watch what the body of Christ is and does; they may even be Laodicean Christians who would rather watch than do.
* Critics of the body of Christ include Godly men and women who raise valid questions about the beliefs and practices of the church, the ungodly who make false accusations and cause division, and pagans who oppose God and all of His people.
Are you in tune with the Lord and led by the Holy Spirit? Have you invited others to join us in the body of Christ, to carry out His magnificent work here on earth?

To God be the glory
Board of Evangelism