Reaching Out

Give Them Something That Will Last Forever

What if you were meeting a person for the very last time in your life – what would you say to them? Is there something you could leave with them that could change their life forever? Into eternity?
We meet people every day – the checkout person at Kroger, the guy at the dry cleaners, or the woman who delivers your mail. Many of these people we encounter for only a brief time, and may never see again – they change jobs, you shop elsewhere, or one of you leaves town – forever.
I have discovered (thank you, Lord) that there is something we can share with people who we may see for just a few moments, and it just might have a real impact on their lives – eternally.
Every of us has our own way to interact with people, but what works for me is this:

* I have some interaction with a person, such as a check out person at Kroger.
* Just as I am ready to leave, I ask them their name. They usually brighten up and tell me their name.
* Then I introduce myself, and tell them “This is my most favorite quote in all the world; you can read this later,” and hand them a small piece of paper with a quote or Bible verse on it.
* I then leave, knowing that this person will read it later, with no pressure from me or anyone else. It will just be between that person and the Lord.
Asking a person their name honors that person as an image-bearer of God, and opens a window into their soul. Their demeanor usually changes, the conversation becomes more personal, and we can leave something eternal with that person, a seed that might grow and bear spiritual fruit.
So what would you share with that person? It might be your favorite Bible verse, or perhaps a compelling quote from our pastor or a Christian author. It might even be a pocket-size New Testament (available at Dollar Tree for $1.) Now go out and plant seeds.
Board of Evangelism