Reaching Out

Entering Into God’s World – The Kingdom of God

As citizens of the Kingdom of God and Ambassadors of Christ, we need to know the Lord so we can most effectively witness to others.
Entering into the Kingdom of God is like an adventure in a foreign country. We are likely to find values and practices different from what we are accustomed to here on earth. So we need to set aside our own beliefs for the moment and try to see the world as He does. A primary way to do this is through His Word, asking the Holy Spirit to illumine our minds to His truth, so that we may come to know the Lord, not just know about Him.
We might seek answers to these questions of our Lord:

1. Who are You?
2. What is important to You?
3. How are You – happy? Sad? Frustrated? Angry? Excited? Joyful?
4. What brings You joy?
5. What do You long for?
6. How do You perceive people? As stupid? Smart? Saints? Sinners? Lost souls? As Your bride?
7. What are the most important qualities of Your true followers? Can You give examples?
8. Why do You allow catastrophes to happen in the lives of individuals and nations?
9. Are You looking forward to the next few years and what will happen on earth during this upcoming time? Why or why not?
10. What do You think is the greatest challenge facing people today? The greatest challenge facing Christians today?
11. What is the most important message to give to people today?
12. How can I best love others?
13. How can I best love You?

Teach me how to pray.
When we know the Lord and His calling on our lives, we will be most effective at carrying out The Great Commission that He has called us to do, for it is a work of the Spirit, not of the flesh or the world.

To God be the glory