Reaching Out

Does Anybody Know Who I Am

One of the most gripping dramas in human history took place in June of 1945, one month after Germany surrendered to the Allies. The event took place in the Opera House in Paris, France. Responding to a government announcement, hundreds of family members arrived, hoping that their loved one – their husband, brother or sister, or father, who left home to fight the Nazis, was still alive, even though they ceased hearing from him.

Imagine how their hearts broke as one of the soldiers, suffering from shell shock and amnesia, cried out to the audience: “DOES ANYONE KNOW WHO I AM?” Here was a lost soul who was seeking to know his true identity, so that he can once again live a life of meaning and purpose.

And imagine the joy that raced through the hearts of his family when they recognized one of the lost souls as their loved one whom they had all but given up on. He was lost and now had been found. He could now be embraced, cared for, and loved, a small price to pay for his service to his country, in which he gave his all but lost his soul.

A similar dynamic is taking place in our nation today, as our young people leave home and go out to make a place for themselves in the world. But unlike the soldiers of World War II, most don’t realize they are in a war zone, and that the enemy seeks to steal their faith, harm their bodies, and capture their souls. The enemy is Satan and his minions, who have infiltrated our government, corporations, Hollywood, health care, education, and even some churches. Some indicators:

* More than 20% of all Americans suffer from diagnosable anxiety disorders.
* 28% of Gen Zers are experiencing gender identity crisis.
* 63% of all Americans live in fear – for themselves and the people they love.
* 70% of all Americans are angry every day.

These are all cries for help, of people who do not have the peace and joy of a life and identity in Christ. Let us reach out to those who come across our path with the compassion and love of Christ, for they are in a battle for their lives and souls.

To God be the glory
Board of Evangelism