Reaching Out

BAM!! And the Door Was Closed

It is the year 2304 B.C., and you live in Mesopotamia near the banks of the Euphrates River. You and your friends like to walk past that crazy Noah, who with his sons are building a giant boat he calls an ark. Many times you have heard him proclaim in a loud voice that God is sending judgment in a great flood because of our sins, and that we should all repent or perish.

Now in your 30s, you still can’t resist taunting him on your way to the gambling houses, strip joints, and drug parlors. Although there is a great deal of crime and violence, you are relatively safe as long as you stick with your friends. Then one day an amazing thing happened: all kinds of animals walked up into the ark, two by two, followed by Noah and his family.

Soon massive, dark, ominous clouds formed, swirling and threatening with lightning and thunder. Then BAM!! The door on the ark slammed shut all by itself, and it started to sprinkle. This was new to you, as mist rising from the earth had always watered plants.

Puzzlement turned to horror as the rain intensified, gushers of waters emerged from the deep, and the land was being covered with water. As the water level rose, you realized that your life on earth would soon be over.

It is now 2022. The person in the story above perished, but we are here because our ancestor Noah and his family built the ark and survived the flood.

Today ominous dark clouds are forming over our nation. The war in Ukraine is not going as well as the Western media reports, and Russian President Putin has threatened NATO and the U.S. with nuclear weapons. The sin in America is great, you have lost friends to Covid-19, and authorities are warning a more deadly pandemic may be on the way. In your more sober moments, you realize that your life on earth will some day come to an end.

In spite of the dark clouds circling our nation, we were created to live at this time, to reflect the light of Christ and serve the King of kings and Lord of lords. People at the time of Noah were shut out because of their unrepentant sins. Let us repent, forgive, and go forth with the joy of the Lord, sharing His love and truth, for life is short, eternity is forever, and we are not guaranteed tomorrow.

To God be the glory