Reaching Out

An Early Brush With Death

On March 23, 1945, a large tornado touched down outside the farming community of Stanton, Iowa to begin its path of destruction. A farmer in that immediate area saw the sky take on a yellowish-greenish tint, common in tornado weather.
He noticed the wind pick up, and his dog and even his cattle become nervous. They knew something fearful was about to happen, and so did he. He watched the tornado strike his neighbor’s barn a quarter mile away, and suck the hay up into its funnel. It then headed for his farmstead and home.
As the tornado bore down on his home, he gathered his wife and two young sons into the cellar. His wife then asked him: “Where is the baby?” He said something like “I thought you had him”, then ran upstairs, scooped the baby out of the crib, and brought him down to the cellar, as the roar of the tornado increased.
The tornado destroyed the corn crib, the chicken house, the garage, and the barn. It wrapped the windmill over the house, broke all the windows in the house, and sucked the blankets in the crib out the closest window. When all was quiet, the farmer, his wife, and their children emerged to view the destruction of their home and livelihood.
Their shattered buildings and possessions were scattered over ½ mile downwind. Word spread fast, and within hours, dozens of people showed up with cars, trucks, and tractors to help clean up the debris.
You might say I had a ring side seat, as I was that baby. I believe the Lord had work for me to do in my life – it just wasn’t my time to go yet. When we wake up in the morning, it means that the Lord has work for us to do. Our task is to discover what it is and obey.
Each of us is only one moment away from eternity – one banana peel, one drunk driver, or one tornado. And yet while we are here, we are all called to be witnesses to Jesus Christ, His love and truth. RING RING. It is for you. Will you take the call?
To God be the glory
Board of Evangelism